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Hello! My name is SSGohan2K2, and I am the webmaster of a site called SSGohan2K2's DBZGT Site. This site is an affiliate of SSJ Goku3985's DRAGON BALL Z Info Site. This site is purely multimedia, and if you want info, go to said site above. Like my partner, I will update my site weekly, but I will post news as soon as I get it. Anyway, bienvenidos a SSGohan2K2's DBZGT Site!

I'M BAAAAAAAAAACCCCCCKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Firstly, my condolences to the Trade Center victims. My heart is with you always. After not updating for almost a year, I'm is up and running again. And guess what I got? Music videos! Made by me. I only have one uploaded, so enjoy that for now. I have more stuff cooking, and other that are finished. So chew on this for a bit, I'll have the rest running in a week or two. I have new clips, new songs, other music videos. I also wrote some pretty long bios for the Z Senshi. Right now, only the Saiyans, though. Expect the rest pretty soon. I can't say when, cause they they take awhile to make. I haven't been able to reach SSJGoku3985 for awhile. He hasn't updated since my birthday. By the way, I turned 14 10/10/01. I've also seen alot of season 6 in English on VHS, and I saw season 5. I was impressed. Dragon Ball is pretty cool, and I was impressed with that too. I've seen all the movies, and they kick @$$!! I would recommend DVDs to all who watch the show, because they have English and Japanese. I'm very sorry for the lack of updates. Let me know what you think of my videos by e-mailing me. Adios!--SSGohan2K1
P.S.: SSGohan2K1 is no longer my name. I am now SSGohan2K2!

All aspects of DRAGON BALL, DRAGONBALL Z, DRAGONBALL GT, and their characters are all copyrighted by Toei Animation, Bird Studios, FUNimation Productions Ltd., Akira Toriyama, AOL/Time Warner's Cartoon Network, and Toonami. This is not an official site, and is non-profit. I created this site to endorse the series and to encourage people to watch the show or read the comic. I do not work for the above companies. I am an adolescent, and I will not post anything illegal for my age. Enjoy the site.


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