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These are favorite sites of mine. Enjoy!

SSJ Goku3985’s Dragonball Z Info Site, who is my partner site, is a cool site with a good amount of content. Even though my site only contains multimedia, SSJ Goku3985’s site is your stop for info.

Gokuo’s Dragonball/Z/GT Site helped me gain a lot of my knowledge about DBGT. An overall good site.

Pojo’s Dragonball Web was one of the very first sites I ever went to. It’s a huge site, with quality fan produced information. I have to say it even rivals Planet Namek.

Dragonball Village has a lot of unofficial games that are pretty cool. You might wanna check it out.

DBZGT Legacy is a quality site with a lot of info that I personally like.

Gojiita’s Domain, now that Planet Namek’s clips are down, has the biggest hoard of clips on the net. The very first site I ever got clips from.

SSGohan2K2's DBZGT Site

I would like to give thanks to all these sites and all other DBZGT fans out there. Thanks go out to God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, Sel and William(my angels), SSJ Goku 3985, Planet, my friends, AOL, Tripod, Akira Toriyama, FUNimation, Toei Animation, Animagic Stores, Bird Studios, Toonami, AOL/Time Warner's Cartoon Network, KHWB39 Houston, Yagami Studios, Pojo's DragonBall Web, and if I forgot anybody.. T.S.! (J.K.!) ^-^